How do I keep a safe backup copy of all of my information on my cell phone, PDA or other electronic devices?

There are generally two ways to make a backup copy of personal information stored on your cell phone, smartphone, PDA or other electronic devices. For your mobile phone, your cell phone company probably offers an optional backup service and will store a copy of your contacts, phone numbers and email addresses on their Web server, usually for a small monthly fee. You can access them over the Web, and if you lose your phone, you will not lose your contacts.

Another option is to connect your cell phone, PDA, MP3 player or iPod to a PC with either a USB cable or Bluetooth. This is usually a software program from the device manufacturer that lets you save your contacts as well as text messages, pictures, music, calendar or any other information on your PC. You have to remember to do this periodically. With smartphones like the Apple iPhone or BlackBerry, or music players, most people use the software that comes with these devices to keep information backed up or synchronized with your desktop. If you need to re-install the software and lost your disk, go to the manufacturer’s Web site to download the newest version.