What else should I do for Wi-Fi network security?

Here are more tips to ensure your Wi-Fi network is safe.

Change the default name of your wireless network (called the SSID)

Change the default username and password to login to your wireless Access Point; if you don’t, someone else might login and change your security setting.

Do not let the Access Point broadcast the name of your wireless network (SSID).

The last option means your wireless network name (SSID) will not appear to any wireless PCs when they “”searching for available networks.””  For your own PCs to see your network, you have to enter the name of your network (SSID) when you set up the wireless security on your PC.  Many specialists, including leading makers of wireless equipment and the National Security Agency, recommend you do not broadcast the SSID and do use MAC address filtering.  The latter is another security feature that only lets devices you identify by their MAC address onto your network.  The MAC address is a unique identifier assigned to most network equipment by the manufacturer for identification.  It is printed on a tag on the bottom of your Access Point and on the setup page for your wireless cards.

Others, notably Microsoft, argue that these two measures give you a false sense of security because an attacker monitoring your wireless network can easily see SSIDs and MAC addresses as your devices communicate with each other.