10 keyboard shortcuts to change your life

It’s been estimated that the average person can lose about two seconds of work every minute simply from switching between a mouse and keyboard.

However, there are a huge number of keyboard shortcuts than can help you save time and get jobs done more quickly. Most of us know the basics, like Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste, but here are 10 more that you might not know:

Ctrl+mouse scroll wheel: Use this to zoom in and out of any application, from internet webpages to Word documents


Ctrl+0: If you have zoomed in or out of a webpage and want to return to the normal view, use this combination


Ctrl+←or→: Use this shortcut to move the cursor one word at a time, helping you to move through large areas of text quickly


Ctrl+Shift+←or→: Similar to the above, but this lets you highlight entire words to speed up selecting chunks of text for copying or cutting


Ctrl+Backspace: Rather than delete words letter by letter, use this shortcut to delete entire words at a time


Ctrl+Home or End: This shortcut takes you directly to the start or end of a document


Windows key+M: Use this if you need to quickly minimize all open windows and return to the desktop


Alt+Tab: Need to switch between several applications? Use this shortcut to cycle between active windows quickly


Ctrl+Shift+Esc: Use this to launch the Task Manager, where you can check on all open applications and shut down any that are causing you trouble


F11: When browsing the web, use this to switch to a full-screen view


There are lots more out there, so refer to Microsoft’s guide if you need more tips.